“Hill of Terror”


Hours of Operations
“the Hill of Terror” 
Every Friday and Saturday only
from dark thirty to 12:00am CST (1am EST) 
beginning Sept 18th. and running through 
Oct 31st.... 
                  Weather providing

First come, first serve...

Make sure to get the group together and head out early to get the best parking spots and the best seats on the Zombie Paintball Apocalypse™. 
Take the newest approach to the Hill of terror by loading up on the suped up, modified, zombie killing trailer and help eliminate as many of the undead as possible.. shapeimage_6_link_0

This website is committed to the total elimination of all Zombies and other haunted beings of the UnDead!!

Thank you for stopping by

Call for details


We’ll be open

Sept 18th through Oct. 31st